Simple but important legal aspects

It is all clear and simple

When we worked on our license, our primary objective was to make your life easier; you do not have to fear any legal complications. 

What is allowed?

  •  All photos on Kaboompics can be used for free for commercial and noncommercial use.
  •  Attribution is not required. Giving credit to the the Kaboompics is not necessary but always appreciated.
  •  You can modify the photos. Be creative and edit the photos as you like.

You are free to use our photos for purposes such as creating graphic for your blog or social media, making HTML/PSD templates (for sale), decorating your articles, Power Point presentations, you can even print them on t-shirts. 

What is not allowed?

  • Identifiable people may not appear in a bad light or in a way that is offensive.
  • Don't sell unaltered copies of a photo, e.g. don't sell it as a stock photo, poster, print or on a physical product without adding any value.
  • Don't redistribute or sell the photos on other stock photo.


Redistribution of our images on competitive or similar services is not permitted without permission. This means that Kaboompics images may not be made available for download on other free image sites..

The images are free, so do not even think of selling them! Well, that's pretty much it. Please, do not publish any photos from Kaboompics on your own photography stock without our permission.

If you want to redistribute the photos at your free stock photos website, please contact us on [email protected] We'll be very happy to hear from you and surely we will find a solution to the situation.

Note that the Kaboompics License does not include the right to use:

  • Works of art or authorship that appear in Photos
  • Trademarks, logos, or brands that appear in Photos

If you download photos with any of these depicted in them, you may need the permission of the brand owner of the brand or work of authorship or individual depending on how you use the Photo. If you still aren’t sure, you should probably talk to a lawyer who knows about these things.

What is Kaboompics?
A service with free stock photos that can be used for both personal and commercial projects. This website gives you an opportunity to choose from thousands of pictures without any payment, even for commercial use.
What is the license of the photos on Kaboompics?
Our photos are available according to our own license that you can read above. It does not differ from Creative Commons with the one exception – the rules of redistribution. In every other case you are free to use our photos however you like.
Can I edit or modify the photos?
Absolutely. You can edit them, add texts, filters, or modify it in any other way that comes to your mind.
Can I use the photos for a commercial project?
Yes. After all, they are available for commercial use – make them into posters, add to your book, decorate your blog, print them on t-shirts and whatever else you wish, just keep it legal.
Is it allowed to post the photos on Facebook or on other social media platforms?
Not a problem. You can post them on your social media profiles in many different forms – for advertising, as a header, as a decoration of your entry, a meme or any other way you can think of.
Do I need to mention the source or the photographer?
We do not require that but we would really appreciate such gesture.
Can I use photos for HTML/PSD/PowerPoint templates I sell?
Feel free and may you sell millions of them! Just try and mention us, if possible.
Can I use photos as placeholders in my HTML/PSD templates or articles?
Sure. But could you also give us credit for that?
Can I distribute my PSD files with photos included in design?
Of course, we would appreciate an attribution, though.
Can I print photos on t-shirts?
Of course, we would appreciate an attribution, though.
Can I use the photos in my PowerPoint presentation?
Feel free.
Can I resell the photos?
Do we sell them? :) They are free and we want it to stay that way.
Can I publish these photos on my photo stock?
On one condition – you must attach to them a link leading to Kaboompics, so people can download them directly from us. Redistribution is forbidden!
Can I put the images in our website builder, plugin (or any other app) for our users?
It is possible but requires individual negotiations. Please, contact me at [email protected] if you require more information.
How can I credit/mention you?
I’m so glad you are asking! If you want, you can place the following annotation on your page: ‘Photo by Kaboompics‘ with link to kaboompics.com or ‘Photo by Karolina Grabowska / Kaboompics‘ with link to kaboompics.com. Thank you!
Who are the authors of the photos on your page?
There is only one author, the creator of the service – Karolina Grabowska.
Is using the photos with the image of people legal?
Yes, it is. For every photo, we have a proper contract allowing the certification of the image (Model Release).
How can I support you?
Just by linking to the source of the photo you will do us a huge favor. However, if you like the photos and would like to do something more, you can share link to Kaboompics on social media websites and tell your friends about it. We would also greatly appreciate turning off the AdBlock while visiting. Oh, there is also a PayPal Button that you can use to send us some much needed money that we can spend on articles of the highest priority like coffee, photographic equipment, and more coffee.
I would like to publish my photos on Kaboompics, how can I do this?
Unfortunately, we do not offer such opportunity yet. So far it’s a one (wo)man show. But do not lose hope! We may be extending our service in the future.
What about all the images with logos or trademarks?
It is your responsibility. Pay attention to registered trademarks and notify your viewers. For example, if there’s an Apple product on the photo, add a description saying “Mac and OS X are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.”
Can I freely use photos from Kaboompics without getting into trouble?
Yes. Kaboompics is 100% safe source of free photos. They were all made by one person, the owner of the website, Karolina Grabowska. We are pointed out as a reliable and safe free photography service in many publications.
Are we allowed to publish your photos in our digital videos and other marketing sources that we distribute to the public?
Yes, our license allows that.
I would like to use one of your pictures for my company Christmas card that we will send via email, am I allowed to do that?
Yes, it's ok.
Why aren’t the photos on Kaboopics available under the legal terms of Creative Commons license?
If I publish my photos with CC license, any site can take them from my site (or any other site) and publish them on their own (without a link to the original author, which is a very bad practice). However, Kaboompics' license makes absolutely no difference to people who use my photos for their personal and commercial projects, or publish them on social media websites, company sites, and other online services.
Could I use pictures on the homepage of my web shop?
Yes, you can.
Can I add text to pictures?
Yes, it's ok.
Where did you find these lovely teacups with a golden ornament?
VOLA . art of deco .

Thank you!

Every download of my photo makes me happy! I hope it will help you in your project. I'd be grateful if you whisper your friends about Kaboompics on your social media profile <3